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Archive | August, 2019

Keto Cool Specials

Sugarless deLite has specials listed here and on our Facebook timeline every Sunday, This is a way to save big on yogurt and other items. All you have to do is request the specific special and save Specials from September 2 to September 7 #1 Get a small yogurt on Thursday for $2.49 plus tax, […]

We were Keto Cool before You knew Keto

Why Keto ? Many of our customers have found the Keto diet has been a really good program for their lifestyles. While Sugarless deLite does not endorse a specific eating plan, our staff tries to be knowledgeable about various choices. If you have questions, we will do our best to get you the correct information. […]

Keto Friendly Since 1989

We are not New at This At Sugarless deLite, we started counting carbs in 1989. We started as a diabetic friendly store and have continued be true to our roots, We can count carbs for many other programs. We can count points and calories if you want. Let Sugarless deLite be your beckon and help […]

At Sugarless deLite, We Know Keto

Keto 101 #1 It’s all about glycemic Index Keto is all about not raising blood sugar and staying in ketosis, At Sugarless deLite, we know that and let us help you. So many people understand that but others believe other things about Keto. It is very simple and staying in Ketosis is the key. Some […]