Another Study Tells the Benefits of Chocolate and Specials for first Week of Summer

Here’s a sweet notion: Eat a little chocolate each day and you could be doing your heart a favor.
A new study published in the journal Heart found that habitual chocolate eaters had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes compared to people who didn’t eat chocolate.
So, what is it about chocolate that could possibly lead to such a benefit? Well, when you strip out the sugar and milk that’s added to chocolate, you’re left with the cocoa bean. And it’s the compounds in the cocoa that researchers are most interested in.
The study is part of a growing body of evidence that suggests the bioactive plant compounds found in cocoa beans, called polyphenols, may help protect against heart disease.
Allison Aubrey- The Salt- June 19,2015

This Weeks Specials- June 22-27

#1  6 Large Yogurts for $19.49 plus tax
#2  Cupcake Monday- Ask for our freezer cupcakes for 99 cents each- Does not include 6 Packs
#3  Buy $50 Yogurt Card and we will add $12 more for Free-Card Total $ 62
#4  50% off one Walden Farm Product-Limit 1 per day. On request only
#5  Buy 4 Chili Lemon Cracker box at $5.99 each and get a 5th for free
Normal rules apply. No double dipping. We will not provide this list of specials in the store. It is social media.

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