Another Super Bowl !! Let Them Eat at Sugarless deLite

super bowl 50

Fiber Gourmet Crackers are a great way to eat and enjoy the Super Bowl. You know that everyone calls the Super Bowl the “Big Game” we at Sugarless deLite are not referring to the football game but what is in your snack bowl. It should be a Super Bowl of Snacks from Fiber Gourmet

Healthy and good tasting are the calling card for these great crackers

Specials February 1- February 6

#1 Add $75 to your yogurt card and get a $10 add on and a free small yogurt.
#2 Buy 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#3 Any item on the sale rack priced at $1.99 is on sale for 99 cents. No limit
#4 Post on our Facebook line your Super Bowl winner before Super Bowl Sunday at 5 pm and be correct and get a free small yogurt on Monday, February 7th.Limit one post and one pick

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