It has been many years but I sure enjoyed overnight camp. I am sure that many of you share camp as one of the best times of your life. My summer place was Camp Barney Medintz in Cleveland,Georgia. Cleveland had some fame as the home of Cabbage Patch dolls and Babyland General Hospital: however camp for me meant hiking the Appalachian Trail, canoeing the Chattahoochee, and making life long friends.

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Specials June 13-June 17

#1 Yogurt Clubs members get a free small on Wednesday
#2 Five large yogurts for $17.99 plus tax, Double up in one trip and get ten for $35,98 plus with Ten get a free medium.
#3 Cones on Friday are $2.00 plus tax on Friday. You must ask for the Blog special. Limit 1
#4 Buy any Chocolate bar that sells for $5.99, get two for $9.99. Limit one group of 2 a day. You must request the special to receive it.