Yogurt Club Members Save

Check out our yogurt club prepaid card and save on yogurt, shakes, and floats everyday. For as little as $30, you are a member with all the privileges.You will receive a 10% bonus add on when you join plus get a free small yogurt. This is a $36 plus value for $30. It also makes you eligible for a free yogurt a week as long as you are a current member. Free yogurt day is listed on our blog and Facebook page.
We are glad to answer any questions in the store or online
Free is good.


February 19th to February 24th
#1 Yogurt club members get a free Medium on Thursday
#2 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus. Total add on is $120 for $100
#3 Cone Day or small day is Friday. Get 1 for $2,49 plus tax, Limit 1
#4 Save $1 on a twin pack of Smart Cakes. Normally $4.99. Sale price $3.99. Limit one purchase per day. You may use this every day one time. Limit one per day