Getting Back on Track with Sugarless deLite

If you are getting back from the beach and you want to get your eating back on track think of Us. We are fluent in your eating plan. We don’t tell you what to eat, we offer you choices. Sugarless deLte


Check Out the WiO foods low carb tortillas with 16 calories. Weight Watcher friendly and taste great
Specials- August 10- August 16
#1-  Get 6 Large Freezer yogurts for  $19.99 plus tax
#2-  Yogurt Club members can get a free Medium yogurt on Wednesday-Limit one
#3-  Buy a pound of Chocolate peanut clusters at regular price and get a second pound for only $5.
#4   Buy or add $100 to your yogurt card and we will give you a 20% bonus plus a free small yogurt.
Normal rules apply. Limits apply. You can not load a yogurt card and use that added money until the next day. One special a day per person
                                                                   WiO Buns

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