Join Our Yogurt Club and Save on Every Yogurt…. Everyday



The Sugarless deLite yogurt club is a prepaid yogurt card that has benefits.  When you buy a Yogurt card for a minimum of $30, you will receive a 10% bonus and will receive a free small yogurt which is a $3.32 value. So the $30 add on will get you a $6.32 total extra value.

Additionally, most weeks active yogurt club members can receive free yogurts on designated days. These free days are promote in our blog or our Facebook posted. A active yogurt card is defined as a yogurt card with at least $3.32 balance or enough to buy a small.

Additionally, there are extra value posting for purchases during some weeks For example there could be buy ins with a 15%-25% bonus.

Confused, ask our staff for a print out to explain further. Thanks. Our staff is always ready to help.

Specials January 4th- January 9th

#1  Yogurt Club Members can get a Free Medium on Thursday
#2  Six large yogurt are $21.99
#3  Save $1 per item on any sale item that cost a minimum of $2. The $1 discount per item is not valid on items that sell for under $2.For example, you can not purchase 3@79 cent items and use the discount.
You may use up to 10 one dollar discounts. This would mean 10 items purchased at a $1 discount each

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