Rick may be out of town for the next couple of weeks but Sugarless deLite will keeping on trucking. As he enjoys some R&R look forward to your wallet having some of that as well. The specials for this week are fantastic and Sugarless deLite will look to keep you trucking all the way to Halloween!
Specials October 25th- November 1st

#1 Buy 6 Large Yogurts for $22.99 plus tax
#2 Add $50 to your yogurt card and we will add a $10 bonus and give you a free small yogurt
#3 Yogurt Cones are on Sale for $2.49 on Halloween- Limit 2
#4 Yogurt Club Members can get a free small on Thursday.
#5 Get a cold Coca-Cola Product for 99 cents
Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Enjoy
Don’t Forget to Order your Pies, Cheesecakes, and Cake Loaves for Thanksgiving! 
Just give us a call at 972-644-2000 and place your order with us!