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We Know Keto

Sugarless deLite has been counting carbs since 1989 longer than most any store in the country. We can be your guide in discovering some of the best Keto choices available anywhere, From brownies, pasta, bread and chips, let Sugarless deLite be the store. We are open 362 days a years and we sample most products. Please come and check us out on your visit to the Dallas area or check us out Thanks
We sample and you choose with choices more than other store in DFW.
August 20 to August 25
#1 When the Rangers win on Sunday, you win at Sugarless deLite on Monday. Ask for the Ranger special on Monday and if the Rangers on Sunday and you will receive a free small yogurt.
#2 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get a $5 bonus plus a free small yogurt
#3 Yogurt club members get a free medium yogurt on Thursday
#4 Buy a Full box of Smartcakes at $37.99 and get a second box at $29.99. Total for 2 boxes purchased at one time $67.98. Add a third full box in a single purchase for $25 more. Three box total is $92.98.
#5 Cone day is Wednesday. Cones are $2.49 plus tax. You must request Cone Day special.

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