Keto………We Can Help at Sugarless deLite

Yes- We Got That!

When other stores have no idea what a Keto program is, at Sugarless deLite we can talk Keto and many other eating programs. We have been counting carbs since 1989 and understand the idea of glycemic index. We know carbs and understand it more than most. At Sugarless deLite, we do not try to tell you what to eat but give you choices and let you choose. Please come by 7 days a week and let us show you the best customer service anywhere.
Specials  March 11 to March 16
#1  Buy 8 Large yogurts for $27.99
#2 Yogurt Club Members with an active card that is carrying a positive balance can get a free small on Friday.
#3 Small yogurt special. Tuesday. $1.99 plus tax. Limit 1
#4 Add $50 to your yogurt card and get a $5 bonus plus a free medium yogurt.
Check Out the New Raspberry SmartCake at Sugarless deLite

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