Leap Year Savings at Sugarless deLite


leap year

Well, let’s have some once every 4 year specials and celebrate Leap Year with a sale. The operative number here is 29. These sales are good all week.

Specials February 29- March 5
#1 Any Russell Stover’s Candy on sale rack is 29 cents

#2 Add $40 to your yogurt card for $29.99 Limit 2 additions at this price for the week. $59.98 will get an $80 add on is maximum weekly add on.

#3 Buy any Chocolite Bar for 2 for $2.99. Normally 2 for $3.98. Limit 4 total bars per day

#4 Yogurt club members get a free small yogurt on Monday only February 29th

#5 Buy one Fiber Gourmet Cracker at $5.99 and get a second for $4.99 Limit to one pair per day.Total for 2 bags $10.98

Limits apply. You must request special. If you ask what the specials are in store, you will be referred to our Social media sites.

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