Make Bold Choices One at a Time

Sugarless deLite can make a difference with one single issue “good” choice. All it takes is one change like the one below.

Have you tried the 31 calorie 2 net carb roll from WiO Foods? These have sold out weekly at Sugarless deLite since November 2014. These rolls taste like a great yeast role and will not raise your blood sugar. These claims have been validated by our customers and WiO Foods laboratory studies.  10 Rolls to a bag and less that one Weight Watcher point per item.Check it out at today,

Weekly Specials at Sugarless deLite February 16-21

#1  Russell Stover Valentine Heart Regularly $19.99.. Now $9.99

#2  Seven large freezer yogurts $23.99 plus tax

#3   12 Hour Call ahead Special- 6 XL Yogurts for $30 plus tax

#4  Monday only Special-President Day Special-Buy one small yogurt for
2-George Washington Coins
2 Thomas Jefferson Coins
2 FDR Coins and
2 Lincoln Coins

or One JFK coin


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