Easter is Closer than You Think

The Easter selection at Sugarless deLite is second to none offering the countries best low carb and sugar free choices. Chocolates, jelly bellies, pies, cakes and more.We are not just a re-seller of others goods ,,We are the source. When it is important to grace your Easter table with great pies and cakes don’t look at a Big Box store, look to your neighbors at Sugarless deLite. When quality is more important than price, people look to Sugarless deLite. Not the cheapest but clearly the Best since 1989. Open Easter Sunday.Noon to 4

Did you Say Carrot Cake ?

Even if you going out for Easter Dinner, take along a Sugarless deLite Cake Cake. Be sure to order early.Give us a call at 972-644-2000.
Specials April 10-April 15
#1 Eight large yogurts are $37.99
#2 Yogurt club members get a free medium on Wednesday
#3 Cone Tuesday. Cones are only $1.99 each.
#4 Texas Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you can get a free small on Monday. You must request the Ranger Special, Go Rangers