Make us part of your holiday celebration with hamburger buns, pies and brownies from Sugarless deLite. We are open from Noon-4 pm.

Please call ahead to check availability or to reserve a pie. We are at 972-644-2000.

Specials July 4- July 9

#1 Texas Ranger Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you can get a free small by asking for the Ranger special on Monday.
#2 Yogurt club member can a free small on Thursday
#3 Buy Six large yogurts for $20,99 plus tax
#4 Buy up to 5 bags of 99 cents fiber gourmet single serving bags for 75 cents each. These are Cinnamon and Cheddar single serving bags. You must request “Blog” price. Limit 5 per day.
#5 BOGO medium yogurt on Friday. Limit one. Must request the special