Enjoy Opening Day at Sugarless deLite

?The Rangers are in action on this beautiful Monday afternoon. Sugarless deLite wants to make opening day more special with this offer…

Monday Only- Wear your favorite MLB logo item and get a free small. Limit one person per day. Any MLB team must be a hat or a shirt. No other item qualifies. Monday Only.

Specials April 4th-April 9th

#1 Yogurt club members can get a Free small Wednesday and Saturday
#2 Eight large yogurts for $27.99
#3 Buy a single Coke Product from Coke box for 99 cents
#4 Buy 2 PB-2 of any size and get a free Medium Yogurt
#5 Monday Only baseball special above
#6 If Rangers win on Monday.,Tuesday, April 5 offer. Buy a large and get a second for $1,99 more. This offer can not be combined with offer #2 above.

Let’s make it Happen this time