Pumpkin Cheesecake is Out means Holidays are on their Way

Thanksgiving is Coming

No kidding. Thanksgiving pie order forms are out and we are sampling many of the pies that we exclusively bake for our customers from scratch. Sugarless deLite never will take a prepayment but we love to make you a reservation for a great tasting sugar free pie. Many of our pies are sugar free and gluten free. we also offer pies that are great for Keto and low carb diets.Yes, we work to make sure everything is diabetic friendly. Sugarless deLite can not say that ever product will work for every customer but we are glad to go over ingredients in products when requested to make sure our customers know whatever they request. Thanks for asking! We are here to serve you.
October 16th- October 21 st
#1 If the Atlanta Falcons win on Sunday, you win at Sugarless deLite on Monday. Ask for the Falcon special and you will get a free small yogurt. No Cowboy game this week.
#2 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $18 bonus. Total add on for $100 is $118.
#3 Get 8 large yogurts for only $28.99 plus tax
#4 Yogurt club members can get a fre small on Friday
#5 Cone day. Wednesday cones are only $2.49 plus tax. No limit

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