Dixie Carb Counters Glazed Cinnamon Bun Mix


Dixie Carb Counters Cinnamon Bun Mix is low carb and absolutely the best!  Fragrant and scrumptious for a truly homemade quick and easy cinnamon bun mix!  Give some sweetness to that boring low carb breakfast or as an anytime snack.

Just add butter, cream and egg, cut and bake for 8-10 minutes!  Makes 8 delicious buns. Icing flavor packet included.


-Bag is 4.4 Ounces of Dixie Carb Counter Glazed Cinnamon Bun Mix.

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Nutrition Facts


Ingredients: Cereal Fiber, Soy Protein Concentrate, Unbleached White Flour, Dried Egg Whites, Low Glycemic Monosaccharide, Calcium Acid Phosphate, Spices, Bicarbonate Of Soda, Sea Salt, Carob Gum, Guar Gum, Acacia Gum, Vegetable Fiber, Corn Starch, Sucralose (Splenda), Vanilla Powder.


3 Net carbs per serving.


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