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PB2 Chocolate Powdered Peanut Butter- 6.5 ounce


New and Improved Flavor. You can taste the difference.

This product is great. It tastes like eating the inside of a peanut butter cup but without the guilt. You can use the powder in shakes and baking. 

Have you ever wanted the great taste and texture of peanut butter without all of the fat and calories? PB2 is the solution to this problem. Made with USA grown peanuts that are slow roasted and pressed to remove 85% of the fat associated with traditional peanut butter, PB2 is a fantastic all natural peanut butter powder that, when mixed with water, has the same consistency and taste as regular peanut butter. Now, you can get all of these great benefits with a fantastic chocolate flavor. PB2 with Chocolate is the newest option from PB2.


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16 Servings per jar: Serving size is 2 tbsp (12g), Calories 52.2, Fat 1.42g, Sat. Fat .46g, Trans. Fat <.01g, Cholest. <.1mg, Sodium 59.9mg, Total Carb. 6.0g, Fiber 1.03g, Sugars 3.65g, Protein 3.85g.

This product is 1 Weight Watcher Point.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Chocolate (Cocoa, Sugar), Sugar, and Salt.

6.5 ounce jar


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