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ChocoRite Bars – Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

Better Ingredients, Better Chocolate! All Natural with Stevia 110 Calories | 0g Sugar | 8g Fiber | 1g Net Carbs Dark Chocolate Flavored Bars Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Gluten Free Maltitol Free ChocoRite is made from premium ingredients delivering a delicious reduced calorie treat. Unlike other low carb candies, ChocoRite contains no Maltitol which may cause bloating and elevate blood sugar levels. Real Calorie Savings! ChocoRite Contains: Erythritol – 0.2 Calories / Gram (95% Less Calories than Sugar) Inulin – 1.3 Calories / Gram (67% Less Calories than Sugar) ChocoRite contains all natural Erythritol and Inulin which have a Glycemic Index of Zero. To calculate Net Carbs subtract the Fiber and Erythritol from the total carbohydrates since they do not impact blood sugar and have a Glycemic Index of Zero. 5 – 28g Bars ~ Net Wt 5 oz


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