American Spoon Blueberry Spoon Fruit


Rubel Blueberries are one of the oldest domesticated varieties, a tiny dark-blue berry adapted from the wild. We heighten the full intense flavor of Michigan Rubels with concentrated wild blueberry juice to create our Blueberry Spoon Fruit, the perfect companion to pancakes and toasted English muffins.


-Price is for one 9 oz jar of American Spoon Blueberry Spoon Fruit.

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Ingredients: Blueberries, white grape juice concentrate, wild blueberry juice concentrate, lemon juice, pectin, arrowroot.


Naturally sweetened with fruit juice, Spoon Fruits capture the full, tart flavor of fresh summer fruit without the addition of refined sugar. With a taste and texture like fruit spooned from a freshly-baked pie, they’re perfect for spreading on toast or muffins, serving over pancakes or waffles, or spooning into yogurt.


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