Dixie Carb Counters Cinnamon Streusel Muffin Mix


There is nothing like the fragrant scent of fresh home baked cinnamon muffins – and making them without all the sugar and carbs is the icing on the cake!


-Low calorie optional instructions also on the label.
-Fat Free
-All Natural

This is a remarkably good choice for keeping on hand because virtually everyone loves cinnamon flavor muffins. It’s an easy mix (just add eggs, sour cream and butter) and bake for 15 minutes. Freeze leftovers to keep in your “emergency muffin survival kit”. Mix makes 12 deliciously moist low-carb muffins, 4 net carbs each. All natural with no sugar alcohols, polydextrose or artificial ingredients. What’s not to love?


-Bag is 5.8 Ounces of Dixie Carb Counters Cinnamon Streusel Muffin Mix.

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Nutrition Facts


Ingredients: Unbleached Flour, Soy Isolate, Cereal Fiber, Fructosaccaride, Low Glycemic Monosacharide, Bicarbonate Of Soda, Corn Starch, Calcium Acid Phosphate, Dried Egg Whites, Natural Flavor, Cinnamon, Dehulled Soy Beans, Soy Lecithin, Sea Salt, Vanilla Powder, Sucralose, Low Glycemic Fruit Concentrate.


4 Net carbs Per Serving.


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