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Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Box (12 cookies)

These freshly baked cookies are made with pecan meal and soy flour to create a wonderful taste with a low net carbohydrate count of 2. Each item comes individually sealed to maintain freshness and can be frozen upon arrival. When a cookie is warmed, the pecan meal comes alive with that fresh baked taste.  Sugarless deLite bakes these cookies from scratch in store and these cannot be purchased anywhere else period.

-This order contains 12 “Texas Size” cookies that weight around 2 oz per cookie.  These are baked fresh minutes before they are sent to you.  They are made with pecan meal and soy flour.


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Gluten Free Keto Friendly

Attention: This item uses no white flour and is gluten free; however, there may be cross contamination from other products in our bakery. Baked in a facility that processes peanuts, nuts and milk products.

This product is sweetened with Maltitol to provide the highest quality and taste.

1 review for Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Box (12 cookies)

  1. tiggerhornet


    These cookies are amazing!!! I normally don’t even like pecan but I love these! I love how they are low carb too. I wish I knew how many calories but I’m just excited that the cookies taste amazing and are low carb!

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