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WiO Low Carb White Sliced Bread

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Another great product from WiO  Foods that is low in carbs but great in taste. This product is superior to other low carb breads and is sure to please!

New Loaf to fit perfectly in a toaster, much more moist and the same recipe that you have come to love!  The only thing bad about eating bread is the high amount of carbs, and the perfect solution is our Smart Sliced bread.  A Low Carb and Fat free wheat bread that tastes fantastic is finally a reality.  As good as Grandmas homemade bread but ours has more protein than any other nutrient.  Made from scratch, all-natural baked to perfection and ready for your favorite sandwich creation.  So yummy toasted or right out of the bag or a sandwich or just a snack!

-Try toasted with one of our Spreads!

-18 full sized slices of WiO Low Carb 5 Grain Sliced Bread.



Nutrition Facts

Ingredients: WiO Wheat Enriched Smart Flour, Water, Salt, Butter, Sugar, Yeast, Natural Preservatives: Acetic Acid (bacterial fermented vinegar concentrate), Lactic acid (milk acid concentrate), WiO Macro Carbohydrate Enzyme Inhibitor® (Cissus veldt grape extract), WiO Fat Blocker® (Chiral hydrophilic polysaccharide plant extract).

Processed on equipment that also packages products that may contain eggs, nuts, milk, wheat.

1 review for WiO Low Carb White Sliced Bread

  1. toniroberson1
    5 out of 5


    This bread is so good! It’s soft, has a great flavor (kind of reminiscent of sourdough bread) and the crust is perfect! Bought several now and they are all just as good! Picking up the rolls and tortillas this week now!

    • Ricky Merlin


      Thanks so much for shopping Sugarless deLite and your review of the bread

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