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Wio Tortilla Chips- Half Pound Bag

Who says you can’t enjoy chips and salsa just because you’re on a diet? With our tortilla chips you can satisfy the crunch you crave with salsa or any time as a snack!

These are hardy and great for cheese and heavy toppers. Pile it on and enjoy

Half a pound of crunchy, corny goodness. No one has ever mistaken a corn chip as a low calorie food, until now. Our low carb, fat free, high protein chip is freak in delicious! Seriously, after just one bite it will be the only chip that you will want to eat, regardless if your on a diet or not. Isn’t it a bother when you dip a chip into your favorite dip only to come up empty handed because the chip broke off? A Smart Chip is perfect for a heavily loaded nacho gala. Our Smart Chips won?t get soggy or break off easily. Your gonna love these all natural chips.


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