Spring Sales at Sugarless deLite

Yogurt Machine Update

So our second yogurt machine finally stopped working. It served us well for 25 years and now it is unrepairable. A newer machine is on the way. Check out the blog to see pictures of its arrival.

Specials March 23-March 28

#1  Pay $50 and Sugarless deLite will add $10 to your yogurt card making it a $60 card
#2  Buy a large yogurt and get a second one for $ 1.59. Limit 1
#3  Buy 8 large freezer yogurts for $26.99 plus tax
#4  Buy a $100 all purpose Gift card and Sugarless deLite will add a $20 Bonus, Total card $120

Normal rules apply. Limit one offer a day. Cards purchased are good the next business day.

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