We are honored everyday when we serve a new or returning customer that has come to Sugarless deLite trying to help them with their eating plan. After 30 years of counting carbs, Sugarless deLite understands many low carb programs. We know the differences between Atkins and Keto programs We may not know everything but we will give you honest straight forward real world information. Our is not based on “what I read on the internet” but real science and studies. We offer you choices and you can choose what works for you.
We are not owned by any outside interest or BIG corporation. We are Richardson based and proud of our employees and the customers and community we serve.
Thanks for giving us the love all returning and new customers.
May 6 to May 11

#1 As Sugarless deLite has done throughout the playoffs when the Dallas Stars win, you win at Sugarless deLite. The day after a Stars playoff victory, just tell us the Stars playoff winning score and we will give you a free small yogurt.

#2 Buy 8 large yogurts for only $27.99 plus tax

#3 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 bonus. Total add on for $100 is $120.
#4 Yogurt club members can get a free medium yogurt on Friday.
#5 On Tuesday, buy 2 Large yogurts and get a small yogurt for free. You may double the offer and buy 4 Large yogurts and get 2 free smalls yogurts. This can not be combined with any other offer.