Sugarless deLite – We are an Authority

After 30 years of counting carbs, we fancy ourselves as pretty good at it. We take your carbs and Keto quite seriously. In 30 years in business, Sugarless deLite take you our customers seriously one person at a time. While we may not be the only sugar free store, we like to believe that are the best. Check out our reviews and come and see us on a visit in the DFW area, We are open 7 days a week and the next day that we are closed is Thanksgiving Day.
Tell us that the next day that we are closed is Thanksgiving Day on this Thursday, March 8th and get a free small yogurt.
March 5th to March 10th
#1  Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $18 bonus. Total add on for  $100 is $118
#2  Yogurt club members get a free small on Friday
#3  Cone Day is Wednesday. Cones are $2,79 plus tax. Limit 1
#4 8 Large yogurts are on sale for $27.99
#5 Bogo Day. Small yogurts Only Tuesday. No other specials can be combined. Limit 1