Sugarless deLite Recommends the Following

Sugarless deLite does not recommend any diet plans but believes that knowledge can be king. This great book by Linda Bacon, Health at Every Size is not a diet book at all. It can be a real help in relearning how to eat. This is a very positive book and can be motivating.Check it out

Recommendation Number 2

Another great book that is a bit more scientific than the other book. Many people consider this the a significant work relating to learning how to eat correctly. This read will not disappoint you.

This Weeks Specials April 27- May 2 nd

#1 Cones are $1.99 on request
#2 Eight Large Yogurts for $26 plus tax
#3 If the Mavericks win on Sunday, get a large yogurt for $1.79- Limit 1
#4 Five Dollars off any $12 purchase of sale Rack
#5 Parfait Day-ONLY Thursday – Buy 1 @ $3.99 and get a 2nd for $2.99. Limit 2 discounted units ,
Normal rules apply. Limit to one selection a day.
Birthday week April 27-May 3rd
Free small yogurt with ID and on request

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