It happens every year. One day it’s Memorial Day Weekend and then the 4th of July and BOOM…back to school.Well, if you are ready for another year ..We are ready at Sugarless deLite.

I write these blogs on Saturday night or Sunday morning when I watch baseball and relax.The days and years move by. In fact, we have booked 28 Septembers at 1389 W. Campbell, our only home. We got new neighbors moving in. One place is a yoga studio and the others I believe is a Pub with Fish and Chips. So soon you can work out, have a beer, eat greasy food and repent for all your food errors within 30 yards of our front door.

Specials August 22-27

#1 Buy a $100 gift card that is good for anything in store and get a $15 Bonus. Total value $115
#2 Yogurt Club members can get ?a free small on Friday Limit 1
#3 $1 off any frozen bagel product. Limit 2
#4 Five large yogurts for $17.99
#5 Rangers Monday. If the Texas Rangers win on Sunday, enjoy a free small yogurt on Monday. You must ask for the Ranger special and the Rangers must win.
#6 If a Texas Ranger hits a home run on Tuesday, you can get a large yogurt for the price of a small on Wednesday. Limit 3