Let the Pie Orders Begin

Well, it’s that time again. The ovens will be burning overtime to make the best in sugar free for the 28th Thanksgiving in a row. Pumpkin cheesecakes will be back in store this week. This is one of our most popular items that is a Winter time favorite. Come on in. We will save you a piece.
So pick up an order form and order today. Remember
#1 We do not need prepayment
#2 Cancel at any time
#3 Samples are available for some items most days
#4 All items are Sugar fre and many are gluten free
Specials October 3-8th
#1 Rangers Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, Ranger Monday will provide you with a small yogurt. Limit 1
#2 Reload your yogurt card with $50 and get an $8 bonus. Total add on is $58.
#3 Five larges for $17.99
#4 Yogurt club members can get a free small on Friday
#5 If the Cowboys score more than 28 points on Sunday, you can buy large yogurts for Tuesday $3.07 plus on Tuesday. Limit 4.
#6 We love the Texas Rangers. Any post season win, get you a free small yogurt the next day