Thanksgiving Pie Order Forms are Available

Let the Pie Orders Begin

Well, it’s that time again. The ovens will be burning overtime to make the best in sugar free for the 28th Thanksgiving in a row. Pumpkin cheesecakes will be back in store this week. This is one of our most popular items that is a Winter time favorite. Come on in. We will save you a piece.
So pick up an order form and order today. Remember
#1 We do not need prepayment
#2 Cancel at any time
#3 Samples are available for some items most days
#4 All items are Sugar fre and many are gluten free
Specials October 3-8th
#1 Rangers Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, Ranger Monday will provide you with a small yogurt. Limit 1
#2 Reload your yogurt card with $50 and get an $8 bonus. Total add on is $58.
#3 Five larges for $17.99
#4 Yogurt club members can get a free small on Friday
#5 If the Cowboys score more than 28 points on Sunday, you can buy large yogurts for Tuesday $3.07 plus on Tuesday. Limit 4.
#6 We love the Texas Rangers. Any post season win, get you a free small yogurt the next day

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