With Christmas days away, there is still time to shop and send nationwide for this holiday. No extra fees to arrive by Christmas . Only regular shipping rates apply. Packages being sent in Texas in many cases can be ordered as late as December 23rd by 2 pm.

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5 Star Review


After looking for ingredients to make sugar free and locarb sweets I finally decided to find a place that sold them to see if I’d actually eat them before spending money on a bunch of ingredients not knowing how it would turn out. Sugarless Delite did not let me down! Everyone in the store was very informative and helpful and they had many samples to try. I ended up buying the no carb sugar free brownies, and the Sierra Delite trail bars. My husband is in love with the brownies and we went back today (a week after my initial visit) and got a box of their cheesecake brownies, some jalapeño cheddar crackers and some locarb hamburger buns. Definitely glad to know this place isn’t far from our house and they make great desserts for those trying to watch carbs and sugar but still would like to occasionally have something indulgent.
Check us out at www.sugarlesselite.com today
Specials December 14th- December 19th Offers
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