The Taste and Colors of Fall are Alive at Sugarless deLite


This beautiful basket of peppers was taken by my brother, Marc Merlin, at the vibrant new Ponce City Farmers in Atlanta. The picture is so filled with the energy that it excites you about the coming of Fall.
At Sugarless deLite, we also has a great selection that appears each Fall. Pumpkin Cheesecake will return October 1st. Pumpkin Bread is already?available.Soon the aromas of cinnamon, Snicker doddle cookies and Pecan pie will fill the air.
? Weekly Specials
September 19-September 24
#1 Yogurt Club Members get a few Medium on Wednesday.
#2 Texas Rangers Monday. If the Rangers win on Sunday, you can get a free small on Monday by requesting the Rangers special
#3 Add $50 to your yogurt card and we will add a $8 bonus. This is a 16% ?bonus for free. Total add on value is $58.
#4 ?Six Large yogurts are on sale for $21.49
#5 If the Texas Rangers hit a Home run on Wednesday, you can buy up to 3 larges for the price of ?3 smalls ?on Thursday. Potential savings is 3 times $3.07 plus tax

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