When It Does Matter, Think Sugarless deLite

Healthy Choice are about living a longer healthy life. If food had a warning label on it and said “Eating this item will take 5 hours off your life” would you eat this everyday? While Sugarless deLite can not promise longer life by eating our products, many of our choices will clearly give you a better shot at good health.

High Fiber and high protein can really help. Take these 2 traits and add, good taste are the trademarks of many of our products.

Specials October 10-October 15

#1 After every Ranger post season win, come in the nxt day and request the Texas Ranger special and get a free small yogurt.
#2 Get 8 large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax
#3 If the Cowboys win on Sunday, get a free small yogurt on Tuesday..not Monday
#4 Add $100 to your yogurt card and get a $20 Bonus. Total add on value is $120.
#5 Yogurt club members can get a free medium on Thursday

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