Your Low Carb Store for Three Decades Sugarless deLite

Is it Time to Rise Up ?

Just got home after a great day at work. Great customers and a day of nice conversations with people that are trying to get their diet and eating in check. Sugarless deLite can help you with your low carb plan and what ever plan that you may be doing. I remind you that after 28 years, we feel that Sugarless deLite can help with good advice and product selection that is second to none.It’s time to “Rise Up” to good health.
Can we help you find your way to better eating with our unique selection of products ?
Seven Days a week. Daily until 6pm


January 30- February 4
#1 Yogurt Club members can get a free Medium Yogurt on Wednesday
#2 Eight large yogurts for $27.99
#3 Add $50 to your yogurt club card and we will give you an eight dollar bonus. Fifty dollars gets you a $58 add on.
#4 Buy a Walden Farm product at $1 off. Use this special every day. 2 usages per day.
#5 $1 off one Wio tortilla on Thursday. Limit 2 tortillas with this discount.
Super Bowl Sunday Sugarless deLite will Close at 4:30 PM

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