Sugarless deLites – Keto Comfort Sampler Pack


During these times of concern let Sugarless deLite let you stay on track with this bundle of good choices keto and diabetic treats to make you feel better!

This package includes:

  • -1 Packs of Cinnamon Smart Cakes
  • -1 Pack of Lemon Smart Cakes
  • -1 Tin of Jordan Almonds- 4 ounces
  • -1 Cheddar Catilina Crunch Keto Snack Mix
  • -1 Keto and Zero Carb Brownie-Pecan or original
  • -4 Chocorite Bars
  • -1 Sugarless deLite Peanut Butter Cookie
  • -1 Sugarless deLite Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • -1 Ten Pack of WiO Tortillas-Keto
  • -1 Bag of 1/2 pound  Keto Tortilla chips


Enjoy these favorites and look forward to getting past these times with your friends from Sugarless deLite.

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