Box of Fudge Brownies- 9 Count

These rich and chewy fudge brownies are flour free and sure to please.  This bakery treat contains 9 brownies that are 2 x 4 inches in size each. Our award winning bakery prepares these goodies fresh daily.  They are diabetic friendly, wheat free, and low carb. The brownie is made of unsweetened chocolate, fresh unsalted butter and Maltitol. This is not a low calorie product. Item can be frozen or stored dry for 6 weeks.

This product is sweetened with Maltitol to provide the highest quality and taste.

Attention: This item uses no white flour and is gluten free; however, there may be cross contamination from other products in our bakery. Baked in a facility that uses nuts and milk products


-Keto Friendly!

-low carb


-Box of 9 Fudge Brownies.


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Sugarless deLite Fudge Brownies Nutrition Facts


The building blocks of this product are:  Butter, Unsweetened Chocolate, Eggs and Maltitol.

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  1. Chris B. – Richardson,Texas

    For this man, who doesn’t avoid sugar but looks for sugarless items for his wife, I was blown away by the homemade sugarless brownies.

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