Our Low Carb Original New York Style Cheesecake

This delicious New York style cheesecake is made with a gluten free crust and provides 16 to 20 slices.



-Each slice is less than 3 net carbohydrates.

-This item will be sent UPS/USPS.

-Approximate weight 3 lbs.

-This item can be frozen.

-About 12-16 servings per Original NY Style Cheesecake.




*For freshness this item will not ship on Thursday or Friday*


Questions call us at 972-644-2000.


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Sugarless deLites Low Carb Original New York Style Cheesecake Nutrition Facts



Attention: This item uses no white flour and is gluten free; however, It Is Baked In A Facility That Bakes Items With Gluten.

Baked in a facility that processes: Peanuts, Nuts and Milk products

While this is a delicious low carb product that is both sugar free and gluten free, this is not a product for people counting calories or fat grams.


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