Sugarless deLite’s Unicorn Box


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A great collection of treats which are great for both diabetics and low carb dieters. Yum!


Introducing the Sugarless deLite Unicorn Box – a magical treat filled with sugar-free delights for you to savor and relish.

This whimsical creation not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also makes for a delightful and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Why not indulge in a bit of magic and treat yourself or a loved one to this enchanting experience today?!


This Box Contains:

  • 1 Flints Mints Tin


  • 1 Bag OF Mr. Tortilla Chips


  • 1 24ct Mr Tortilla 1 Net Carb Tortillas


  • 3 Keto Wise Bars


  • Sugar Free Root Beer Barrels


  • Fun Surprises!



Items are:

Sugar Free

KETO Friendly

Diabetic Safe



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