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Enjoy These Fresh, Asher’s Name Brand & Sugar-Free Chocolates That Are Factory Seconds Yet Delicious!


We order bulk chocolates and hand select the finest ones for our main products. The ones that don’t make the cut, or have bloomed. Although they taste gourmet as they should, we cant present them as gourmet due to their appearance.

So these Chocolates are first in quality and taste, but have the appearance of being ghosted due to weather or possible imperfections in manufacturing.

Save money while our inventory is good!



Half Pound Factory Seconds Almond Butter Toffee Nutrition Facts



Milk Chocolate Black Raspberry Creams Nutrition Facts



Ingredients: Sorbitol, Maltitol, Cocoa Butter, Choc. Liquor, Butter, Maltitol Syrup, Calcium Caseinate, Milkfat, Contains 1% or less of the following: Modified Tapioca Starch, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Red 40, Acacia Gum, Xanthan Gum, Blue 1, Milk, Cellulose Gel, Cellulose Gum, Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid, BHA (an antioxidant), Lactitol, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Cocoa, Milk Protein Isolate, Inulin, Sucralose (Splenda), Acesulfame K (a calorie-free sugar substitute).


Manufactured in a facility that processes: Peanuts, Nuts and Milk products.


Dark Chocolate Pecan Sugar Free Turtles Nutrition Facts



Ingredients: Maltitol, Maltitol Syrup, Pecans, Cream, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Sorbitol, Unsalted Butter, Dutch and Natural Processed Cocoa Powder, Butter Oil, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm Kernel and/or Coconut and/or Palm), whey protein, Lecithin, Vanilla Flavor, Caramel Flavor

Manufactured in a facility that processes: Peanuts, Nuts and Milk products.


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