Uncle Joes Sugar Free Mint Balls

-Bag is 60g of individually wrapped Joes Sugar Free Mint Balls-


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Its easy to see why Uncle Joes Sugar Free Mint balls have become one of the most respected mint sweets on the market.  They have just the right amount of peppermint with a subtle treacle overtone to make a truly luxurious tasting mint.


Uncle Joes Mint Balls are still manufactured using the same traditional methods as when Mrs. Santus originally made the sweets in her kitchen in 1898.  The Completely natural “secret” recipe has been passed down through the family generations.



Uncle Joes Sugar Free Mint Balls Nutrition Facts

(per 100g) bag is 60g


Ingredients: Isomalt, sucralose, oil of peppermint, natural colour & natural flavour.


WARNING: Excess consumption may have laxative effect.


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