Oregon Chai – Sugar Free Tea Concentrate 32oz

Enjoy the delicious taste of the Oregon Chai Concentrate. This product has a sweet and mildly spicy taste. Oregon chai tea does not contain any sugar or calories. The premium liquid concentrate is a rich blend of vanilla, black tea, honey and authentic chai spices and is sweetened with Splenda. It’s easy to indulge in flavor and the feel-good factor of America’s original chai with this quick and flawless chai recipe. Combine equal parts Oregon chai sugar free concentrate with milk or your favorite dairy substitute. Heat it up or pour it over ice for a creamy, spicy blend that you will enjoy. When the temperature is cold, you can enjoy it warm and when it is hot out, use ice.


  • Sugar Free
  • Easy to make!


-Price is for one 32 ounce The Original Oregon Sugar Free Chai Tea Latte bottle.


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Oregon Chai – Sugar Free Tea Concentrate 32Oz Nutrition Facts



Ingredients: Water, Organic Black Tea, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Spice Extracts, Sucralose, and Citric Acid.



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