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Hillside Orchard Cherry Preserves-Low Calorie and Low Carb

Nestled in North East Georgia, Hillside Orchard has a 100 acre farm where they grow, can, and sell items there on the family-owned farm. They have Apples, Blackberries, Muscadines and More — all brought to you by Sugarless deLite. This Cherry Preserve is sure to please for morning breakfast, midday toast, or a sweet dessert treat.


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This Cherry Preserve is made with Splenda instead of sugar. What you get is a great tasting jam with all of the taste and very little carbs. You are sure to like it. 12 oz jar from family-owned Hillside Orchard Farms. For the Carb counter, this product has 2?carbs and has only 5 calories, and 1g of natural sugar. 24-1 Tablespoons Servings per jar.


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